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Vision, Mission and Values2018-08-10T11:12:08+01:00


CEMVO Scotland’s vision is a secure and sustainable base for Scotland’s ethnic minority voluntary sector and its communities.


Underpinned by race equality, CEMVO Scotland’s mission is to level the playing field for Scotland’s ethnic minority voluntary sector and its communities. We will do this by:

• building capacity and mobilising skills in organisations and their people;
• fostering both individual and collective leadership;
• enabling active participation in community, democratic and civic life; and
• working strategically to raise the profile of and create opportunities for the sector.
• All of our work will contribute to a Scottish society where ethnic minority communities’ contribution is recognised for its part in making Scotland a successful country.


At CEMVO Scotland, our work and actions are guided by a set of core values:

Integrity – we carry out all our work in an open, honest and ethical manner.

Quality – we continuously improve and develop our operations and delivery of programmes to ensure they meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Equality – we treat people with respect and dignity, and tirelessly advocate for equal opportunities and inclusiveness in our society.