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As a strategically funded partner of the Scottish Government Equalities Unit, CEMVO Scotland’s Race equality Mainstreaming Programme aims to provide support to Public, Statutory, and Third Sector Organisations in the implementation of race equality in all areas of their organisational development and processes.
Our support is FREE and open to Public, Statutory and Third Sector organisations that are committed to developing or improving their approach to addressing race equality. Our only expectation from the provision of support is to be informed of any positive outcomes or agreed actions that have been implemented over time.
What support can we provide?
Depending on the needs of an organisation, our Race Equality support can include one or more of the following:
Formal Consultancy Support
Up to 3 days face to face consultancy support by a small team of race equality practitioners on any area of organisational development – such as leadership and governance, HR and workforce development, data gathering & analysis, community engagement, service development, procurement, equality schemes/outcomes, and equality impact assessments.
Informal Consultancy Support
Continuous informal support by a race equality practitioner via emails, telephone or meetings on short life pieces of work – such as race equality policies and practices,   mainstreaming reports, equality outcomes, and community engagement strategies.
Community Engagement
Helping to organise, promote and facilitate community engagement events at local, regional or national levels. These events can, for example, be for consulting with communities on policy or service development issues, on race equality outcomes, or as part of an overall strategy to promote the organisation as a diverse employer. The expectation is for organisations to cover venue and catering / refreshment costs for holding such events.
Race Equality Training
Providing tailored race equality training sessions that can cover some of the following areas:
    • Mainstreaming race equality
    • Discriminatory processes: attitudes & prejudice
    • Cultural awareness
    • Terminology
    • Community engagement
    • Equality Act 2010
    • Procurement
    • Leadership & governance
Ethnic Minority Board Members
  • Providing support on increasing EM representation on Public Boards through promoting vacancies via our Civic Life Bulletin which is circulated though CEMVO networks on a quarterly basis. 
  • We can also work directly with Management Boards to develop and initiate pilot schemes (such as mentoring or shadowing) to target and increase ethnic minority representation.  
To enquire about accessing our range of support, please email: 
 Or Telephone 0141-248-4830

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

CEMVO Scotland is committed to caring for the health and wellbeing of its staff, board members and service users and supporting our vital services by following national guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus.

On Tuesday 17th of March 2020 we followed government guidelines, introducing social distancing which includes the following:
• All project staff are working from home
• Office enquiries are re-directed to staff remotely
• All training and events are cancelled until further notice
• All travel is suspended
• All face to face meetings will take place over the phone or using other technology
• All board meetings are cancelled until further notice

We understand that our staff provide services that our users rely on and we want that to continue, it will just be delivered differently. What does this mean if you need CEMVO support?
• All staff are contactable through email, phone, social media and our enquiries email
• All staff will contact their clients to talk through their support to you
• We just can’t meet you face to face but can provide support over the phone, using video calling and also email

We will be working like this until Friday 17th of April 2020. At this time, we will review our working arrangements and update our website and social media channels.

If you have an enquiry, need CEMVO support or wish to work with us please do continue to get in touch as our operations are continuing and we will respond to your queries.

For up to date information about us please check our social media channels.